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eSecure Web

eSecure Web: 360° managed content security

The web and related technologies are now essential tools for most organisations, used for research, collaboration, purchasing, project management and other common tasks. Many people depend upon a web browser to get their job done, and some may also be reaping the productivity benefits of Instant Messaging (IM) for improved communications with customers, partners and each other.

  • A new breed of worms and virus-like threats spread primarily via web browsers simply viewing a web page can result in infection.
  • Due to security holes in popular browsers and operating systems it’s all-too-easy for sites to install spyware, adware and other malware without a users knowledge. Issues can range from mere annoyance such as pop up ads that won’t go away to serious threats such as keyloggers, identity theft and fraud.
  • As the use of Instant Messaging gains traction in the business community so does the number of threats leveled against it: more attacks took place in Q1 2005 than occurred during 2004 in it’s entirety.
  • Even committed staff may fall prey to the temptation of using the web and IM for non-professional use, leading to productivity loss.
  • Illegal or illicit content can appear on your network via the web or IM, exposing you to serious legal issues. If you turn up a cache of illegal MP3s or pornography on your network you’ll be far from the first to do so!

How do you give your colleagues access to the wealth of information and opportunity these tools provide without opening the door to potentially crippling threats?

eSecure Web: the solution to browser and IM based threats

eSecure Web is a fully managed service, providing best-of-breed security against web browser and IM based threats at the internet level.

All traffic is routed through the eSecure Web control centre, where it is scanned for viruses, spyware and illicit content before being routed on to it’s destination. Scanning takes place almost instantly and combines technologies from the worlds leading vendors in anti-virus, anti-malware and content filtering, ensuring the best possible protection from web and IM threats.

eSecure Web: 360° managed content security (How it works)

As a managed service, eSecure Web brings several key benefits:

  • Our engineers ensure anti-virus, anti-malware and content filtering engines are updated minute-by-minute rather than month-by-month, dramatically closing your window of exposure to emerging threats
  • No new equipment or skills are required, and eSecure Web can be integrated in to your network in days rather than months
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support and administration ensures user needs are met and that IT staff are freed from monotonous updates, allowing them to focus on your organisational goals rather than maintenance chores
  • Detailed graphical reports on user and network activity show you exactly what your colleagues are using the web for, helping you set acceptable use policies and identify problem users
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware and content filtering equipment or software can mean a high capital outlay and unpredictable ongoing costs. eSecure Web provides the best possible defence at a low, fixed cost

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